Been away for a while -- what do I need?


So, clearly, I have been away from Outernet for a while. I was running a different setup, couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t connect. Is any of my original hardware worth a darn or do I need to pick everything back up?

Maybe I missed some posts, OK probably, yes. Please let me know what I missed… Thank you!


It really depends on what you mean by “a while”. A lot of things have changed in just a few short months. Outernet has moved from the L-Band to the Ku-Band. The satellite transmission currently covers the lower 48, some parts of Canada and Mexico from the SES-2 satellite at 87 deg West. The current receiver uses a DreamCatcher 3.03 board and a Maverick MK1-PLL LNB. The antenna, depending on where you are, is just the LNB pointed at the satellite. The download speed is much faster than DC2.XX. Several of us just got done alpha testing the DC 3.02Q board. I think it’s a much better technology than DC 2.XX.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


it is alot better just now needs a better lnb setup but that’s in the works from what i heard from syed.