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My idea has been to use the two micro usb on the DC. — feed normal power (or solar) to one, and battery to the other
Since the DC does not have charge a circuit… leave that the power pack. then if normal power is available it can be externally wired to both the DC and the “in” for the power pack. Then when normal power is off, the battery picks up and is already “auctioneered”.


Let me rephrase your idea, Jim, to better understand it. If (let’s say) you connect one DC micro USB to a 2.4 amp charger, and the other micro USB_OS port to a (generic) battery battery pack. When the 2.4 amp charger goes off line, the battery power pack would kick in automatically when it recognizes a current draw.

Now, from my experience, there might be a slight un-powering of the DC as the battery pack recognizes the sudden current draw which would force the Dreamcatcher to reboot. But that’s not so bad, because in the end, the DC would come back on line. Try it and let’s hear how it goes. Ken


This has happened to me when I add/remove second power sources.


I just use a plastic ammo box with 2 12v 7ah batteries that is fed from a 13.8v power supply and a car 12v to USB port. That way, if the power goes out, I still have a while before the DC turns off.


Has any one used this device?

It is supposed to operate a 2 amp output to a RaspberryPi which should handle the Dreamcatcher nicely. Ken


ehh take care for current flow directions, need some Shotky diode to protect solar cell circutry when no sun and the current starts to flow that direction from the power bank (eg: solar cell is 3V, power bank is 5V, higher potential to lower the current starts rushing)


I got my system up and running a few minutes ago. I am looking at a SNR of -11.25 with a packet error rate of .008. This is with zip tying my LNB to a cheap amazon tripod with no cone or reflector. I live in the extreme north part of Idaho almost to Canada. Should I try to achieve a higher SNR? Also , I have an error message that says, “Interface USB0 is Up” I did not put a data card into the board yet. Is this related? Is it necessary to format the data card if it is brand new and already FAT 32?

I started to get the Wikipedia Information in the files section. My question is, who gets to request content and how are the Wikipedia topics selected and then how long does it take for them to go out?

BTW, for those located in the U.S. I bought a “Blackweb” wall charger from Walmart for $12. Apparently it is a store brand that they own. It has two 2.4 amp outputs. It was located in the cell phone section of the electronics dept.


That’s really all you need.

The separate data card is optional. I put a 64 Gb card into the other socket containing a whole library of stuff:

Check out Rachel Friends

@Syed might answer this question for you.

It works well. I use Blackweb’s battery backup as well.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


@John We don’t yet have a formal content request system. Is there something in particular that would be useful to a specific audience?


No, I was just trying to get the big picture. Let’s say that there is a teacher in rural Africa or India who wants to request a particular subject. In this case she might be able to drive once a week to a landline or have a sat phone with 10 minutes a month or something. Who/How would she ask for the subject to be put in the transmission queue?

Also, I can navigate the outernet interface with a Linux laptop just fine. I do have a problem reading complete articles on an Ipad using Safari. The problem is getting it to scroll down. Would I be better off with a different browser?

Sorry, I am the guy that would ask a question at the end of the class when everybody else wanted to go to recess.


Here is an interesting idea, can the otg micro usb be the supply for devices like a computer speaker. I know it would be taking from the other micro usb port… But could it handle say 300 ma at 5v output?


It can work, but please keep in mind that with the LNB the current draw is already on the edge for regular micro usb cables and usb power supplies… to too much margin in the system by other words.



I am presently downloading the Rachel PI image. (I am on a slow 5mb microwave connection) After you put the image on the 64g card, do you just access it through the file manager on the dreamcatcher?


Just to clarify - - I did succeed with using the Touch Screen to go back to the Outernet Hotspot from a local Wifi. I’m not sure how useful some of the other functions might be, but I’m still exploring them.

Once you return to the AP mode, you have to use a Browser to reset a new WiFi and Password - - I couldn’t find a way to do that from the Touch Screen. All I was able to do was to return to the original WiFi. Am I right about that? I plan to revised the Dreamcatcher v3.03 User Manual to add the Touch Screen method to resetting the AP. Ken


It took me over 24Hrs to download the 64 Gb image. I’ve run it in a Raspberry Pi, separately from my DC 3.03 card to begin with.

Then, I tried it in the DC 3.03. 'm able access it through the file manager. I don’t have a link to the HTML / data files handy. (I’m at lunch at work). But, yes. It’s very pro-Africa oriented and mostly K-12, rather than world-wide and oriented to K-14 or 16. It’s food guides are a bit biased towards an African culture. It also lacks some basic survival skills.

We should probably create our own pre-packaged content, starting with North America localization and maybe more of a hobbyist culture in mind? Ideas?

–Konrad, WA4OSH


That would be useful. I was thinking of some sort of satellite aiming tables that would be available when cell and internet was not. A few army field manuals, maybe some generator/small engine repair manuals. The ham repeater manual would be easy. I did see that the present image has Where there is No Doctor/Dentist which could be useful.

I am at about 60% download right now for Rachel. I had a FTP timeout at about 3 in the morning and had to resume. I am happy with the Dream Catcher, was a little surprised about some of the political slant from Voice of America. Not what I remember when listening to it on shortwave on my grandfather’s radio back in the 70’s. I need to check out the APRS stuff. I know what it is, just have never played with it.

Have a good weekend,