Case ideas for Outernet Hardware



+1 on the link. I hate redesigning parts that someone else has worked on. I will need an antenna mount for the patch and LNA for my gimble tracker setup for mobile.



Hello everyone!

I had some time and woked at my new Universal case yesterday.

More informations on the this Thread: Universal 3D printable Case

If you have an ideas os suggestions, feel free to post them :slight_smile:



This is reviving an old thread since the version 3.03 is now shipping,

My latest find… I think the dimensions are per the products page Dimensions 12 x 11.7 cm (4.7 x 4.6 in)

plastic with a slope front for the display ---- approx cost $11

hammond model 1599KSTSGY 5.51 8.66 inches

available from