FREE: 30 SDRx to Good Home (only pay shipping)


Yes, the 8-bit ADC is the RTL2832U that is also found on an RTL-SDR.


As you point out, the moRFeus with the SDRx, if properly matched, could be a nice receiver for all sorts of broadband waveforms … at least 1 MHz wide, like the DVB-T signal they were designed for.

Eg. Digital Amateur TV receiver
1270-1295 MHz
2390-2450 MHz
3300-3500 MHz
5650-5925 MHz

Of course, other specialized waveforms require a special backend … like DSSS, UWB and LoRa.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


are there any of these still available?


I’m still waiting to hear back from everyone who initially wanted them. If I don’t hear back from them in a couple of weeks, I’ll post how many extras I have left.


I’m still waiting for the following people to respond with their addresses:

Some people seemed confused on how the forum works. Please log onto the forum to send a PM with your address. Do not reply to the email you get when receiving a PM because that is only a notification email and doesn’t go back to the sender.

I’ll be closing the offer on May 14, otherwise I’m afraid this will linger on for months.


FYI, for anyone receiving a v07 board, I wasn’t able to find a Windows driver that would work. They do work with Skywave Linux.