OUTERNET + Hardware | Access in MidEast


Good day!

I’m combing through the forums and having a little trouble knowing exactly where I can purchase the latest version of Dreamcatcher, and IF it is available i wanted to know if shipping is possible to a military APO as I will be deploying shortly to the mid-east.
Which, brings me to my next question, is Outernet service currently available in the mid-east?

I was running Outernet on a RaspberryPi earlier last year but haven’t used in months now.

I love this project and would love to be able to have Outernet service during deployment as I will have limited internet access.

Thank you so much everyone that has so far contributed, and hoping I can do the same!



It’s available only in US, lower 48 for now. I don’t know about what plans @Syed has for the middle east.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


@MarcelM Your is exactly the type of situation we are trying to solve for (information access when then is no internet), but we don’t yet have coverage in MENA. If you are able to share, why don’t you have internet access on the base?


There may be times where access is limited or we are in transit where there would not either be cellular service or WiFi. I love what you all do, I’ll be staying in touch during my journeys.