Skylark 5.2 for Dreamcatcher 3


My DC is working fine, the display is locked off and does not want to restart on touch or swipe with finger. Power is sufficient. If I were to change power, it would reboot and would work fine for the first hour or so, but not come back next time I need to use the screen…


Could a menu item be added to rotate / flip the display orientation. I have been building my case using the

The current display orientation puts the reset switch, power cable, usb along the bottom / front edge. I would rather have all the cables/stuff out the “top/back” of the case.

Edit: maybe it’s better to use a gpio extension cable plus a double male header?


What did I miss?



some very nice party tracks :wink:


Might want to try listening to the audio output on DC3.02/DC3.03 sometime today :slight_smile:


I just noticed that in the tuner it was switching between file and audio.


I had to restart it to get the audio to come over. This is AWESOME!!! Talking about radar. WOOT WOOT!


My SNR is 1.5 - 2 and it is coming in kind of choppy, started out very good though. it is repeating itself every so often.


We have a thread discussing the new audio service over here.

Well, there is only one post. But you know what I mean.


At the bottom of the Tuner status, info regarding audio frames has been added.


Updates via downloads ? Is it possible to include the Skylark software (approx 315 mb image) in the downloads. Particularly for future updates. Then I wouldn’t have to go out on the internet to get the latest image.

I guess simple instructions would be needed on how to use this image to burn the OS. But with two sd card slots maybe some automated method could update the rxos.

I also noticed that the display has a sd slot (I found it while hooking up a 40 pin gpio extension cable). Maybe it could be used?


Actually, I implemented a pretty neat auto-OTA system in Skylark last year. I even ran a test, though it did not go well - partly due to a bug, and partly due to a freak failure of the transmit backend right in the middle of the OTA broadcast.

I should probably give it another go. Its designed for very low bandwidth (for example the update from 5.1 to 5.2 would have been about 300KB over-the-air). And its fully automatic - no user intervention required. At the end of the update, the device simply reboots into the new version.


The cable has to be male one end - - female the other. I’m using a standard computer cable with one end cut off and just sticking the bare wires into the Dreamcatcher board. Ken


I ended using one purchased with the m/f ends on.
the word of caution is that the keyways are not used by the original sockets on the this cable. So you could inadvertently reverse the attachment. You have watch how you plug the connections.


I think you should perfect the OTA updates and try them out now as there are fewer users. Ken


Oh No… Ken, that leads to one more thing to describe in the user guide, You cover the Log-Viewer>LNB Status, but now there is the item Log-Viewer>Release-Info.

But I fully support the idea of automated OTA updates.


Idea number 2 for today, Make a game out of the wallpaper (like find the easter egg) or


Good point - - here’s where it is if you haven’t found it yet

and then

I’ll add better pictures in the next edition of the User Manual. Ken


OTA updates should have an easy way to revert to previous version. I seem to remember the last OTA botching a bunch of people’s rigs. Now with a display, you should add an option to revert back (downgrade) pre-update.



I have been experimenting with the Search button/app on the main Skylark 5.2

Here are some observations

-to search you have to have an underline between words >>> sometimes
depends if file name has the underlines
Only file names are searched, not the text in the body of the article
for example search “war of 1812” >> nothing
but search “war_of_1812” >> you find the wiki article

-the search is NOT capitalization case dependent… which is good